Jiashan QiuJing  Metals Plastic Mould Co., Ltd.  The company-die development, production as one, there are plastic molds, metal-Die, Die casting and a series of touch with. Die design and manufacture of the existing staff of more than 50, NC-cutting, CNC EDM nearly 20 Taiwan, and have been the introduction of CNC machining centers. The Company is also available in size Punch 6.3 to 100 tons more than 10 Taiwan, 63 to 400 grams dozens of injection molding machine, a system for resolving customer mold sample and hardware products, plastic products and provide a reliable guarantee for the production. Now has customers in Japan and Korea and production of various types of products, the Company Mission: refined products, such as the pro-hospitality, integrity-based, pragmatic innovation, I invited companies who are interested in guidance. Whether today or the future, I will continue to adhere to the "quality first, users first" a principle of service and dedication to service customers, and we will continue in the design, processing, and on the process towards a higher level. Welcome, calls, the communication negotiate guidance.

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